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The island of Martinique stands out from the rest of the Caribbean, it is one of the most windy islands and is located in the heart of a Caribbean archipelago. It is a small island with an east coast bordering the Atlantic Ocean and a west coast flanked by the Sea of Cayman. Martiniques is also located on the east coast of France, just north of Paris, the second largest city in France and the third largest in Europe after Paris itself. Martinique is located at an altitude of about 2,000 meters above sea level and has a population of about 1.5 million people. The area is relatively flat and about 3,400 square kilometers in size.

The largest tourist area in Martinique is Fort de France, located in the bay and home to many tourist attractions. In the southwest of Martinique, the Diamond Rock is located in La Trinite, a breathtaking natural area near LaTrinite. On the less frequented eastern side of Martiniques are the Royal Palace of Saint-Jean-de-France and Mont-les-Monts, the largest hotel on the island.

If you want to observe a unique and amazing underwater world, you should definitely visit the Diamond Rock when visiting Martinique Island. If you drive all the way south to the seaside resort of Le Diamant, you will see the beaches from the top of the rock while keeping your eyes open to some of Martinique's most beautiful beaches, such as La Trinite.

Also worth a visit is the Martinique Regional Natural Reserve, which consists of three zones, including the Batala Gardens and the National Park, both of which play an important role in protecting and improving the natural image of the island's landscape. You have to go to Place Martiniques, which is an excellent resource as it is located in the Martinique Tourist Office on Boulevard Alfassa, which borders the waterfront near Fort de France. On the edge of Le Diamant there are many beautiful gardens and gardens, and in one of them there is a "Jard in de batala" or "Batala garden."

In addition to its history and scenic viewpoints, Martinique also has a number of beautiful beaches, most of which are located at the southern end of the island. Remember to make the most of it and stay close to the shore or directly on the coast. Once you reach the top, enjoy a view of the city of Saint-Jean-de-France, the capital of Martinique.

Martinique family holidays certainly include sun, sand and a touch of French culture, but there are also many other activities, especially for preschoolers. Fort de France is the gateway to Martinique and is one of the island's most popular tourist attractions and a great place for family activities. A visit to Fort - de - France is also one of the most interesting activities, there is also a museum, an art gallery, a children's museum and many other attractions.

Now that you know twelve fun things to do in Martinique, make sure you enjoy one of these interesting activities when you are on holiday on this beautiful Caribbean island. Now that we know what you can do during your family holiday on the beautiful island of Martiniques, you might also want some tips on where to stay in Martinique.

The island of Martinique is large and ferry connections are easily available, but please check the timetables as the ferry connections do not operate daily according to a uniform schedule. To see if the island itself is the largest, we recommend that tourists check with their staff at Martiniques Resorts for the best service providers in their area.

If you do not take a direct flight to Martinique during your holiday, you can connect and do the same at the airport. Inter-island aircraft offer the opportunity to fly to other Caribbean islands such as Barbados, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. There are also ferry connections to several other Caribbean islands, which are taken by ferry to and from Martiniques and some other Caribbean islands.

While children can meet animals from all over the world at the Zoo of Martinique, you can also learn about the island's rich history and cultural heritage.

There are many reasons to visit Martinique and we have compiled a list of 10 good things to do for those who have a lot of interests in it. If you are looking for more great things to do in Martiniques, click here to read this post. Karen has included some of the most popular tourist attractions in the island's capital, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, in a special guide to Martinique.

Nestled between the Bay of Flamands and the foothills of Carbet, the capital Martinique is home to the island's Creole population. A visit to the Botanical Gardens of Balata, run by passionate gardeners, is an experience not to be missed when you come to Martiniques. The impressive Balatas Garden is located on the hills of Fort de France and is a must-see on your trip to Martinique.

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