Overview of the city

Martinique is known as Caribbean Island and also an insular region of France located in the eastern Caribbean sea of the West Indies. The city is having a population of 3.5 million. It is consisting of the overseas department in the Caribbean Sea. The city had an interesting history as well, it was once dominated by Mount Pelee several decades back, and in the year 1902 the island got erupted and destroyed the Saint Pierre city killing countless people. The city is known for its beautiful beaches and attractions in the south of the island and the island interior is endowed with lots of beautiful mountains.


Martinique uses Euro currency. So make sure you get your currency exchanged at banks. US dollars and Caribbean dollars are not accepted here but stores and hotels take credit cards.

  • Galleria mall is the largest mall of Martinique located at Lamentin near airport and is renowned for European branded stores and provides other offerings such as French luxuries including perfumes, wines, and fashions and these are made on this island.
  • Fort-de-France is a spice market and widespread across the island for its stalls that offers local and unique flowers, fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices and the market is extensive for spices and rum as well.

Restaurants and Drinks

  • Martinique offers some Mixing elements of French, African and Indian subcontinental traditions and also known for the hybrid cuisines and restaurants provide here Boudin, coconut milk and fruit juice which is also available at snack stand as well.
  • The restaurants, luxury hotels, and public fairs and festivities are renowned for their delectable dishes including curry of chicken, fish prepared with a blend of vegetables and meat, and chicken spiced with distinctive masala.
  • Martinique has one special place where you could unwind yourselves with world-class rums at karaoke-cafe which is one of the trendiest places and has a live music, Karaoke and techno as well